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Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy

Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy

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Keeps Your Dog Entertained and Engaged

The Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy is designed to keep your dog entertained and engaged. Its dynamic crawling motion captures your dog's attention, ensuring they stay active and stimulated. This continuous engagement helps prevent boredom and keeps your furry friend mentally and physically active, even when you're not around.

Smart Contact Motion Sensor

The Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy features a silent contact motion sensor. It effortlessly navigates obstacles, pausing when it detects something and resuming in the opposite direction. This ensures uninterrupted playtime for your playful pup! 🐾✨

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

By providing a constant source of entertainment, the Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy reduces stress and anxiety for your dog. The interactive play distracts them from potential stressors, promoting a calm and happy demeanor. This is especially helpful when you're not at home, as it helps your dog feel more relaxed and secure.

Helps Stop Destructive Behavior

The Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy helps stop destructive behavior. When your dog is occupied and entertained, they are less likely to chew furniture or dig. By providing a positive outlet for their energy, this toy leads to better behavior overall.

Pet-Safe Assurance

Made from strong TPR-Grade and ABS material, the Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy is built for strong chewers. After thousands of tests, we guarantee its safety, giving your fur baby a secure and enjoyable playtime experience! 🦀✅

Sustainable Power!

Embrace eco-friendly play with the Crawling Crab - Interactive Dog Toy's USB-rechargeable battery. Enjoy up to 2 days of continuous fun on a single charge – reducing waste from disposable batteries. Plus, it comes with a complimentary USB charging cable that works with any USB device, making recharging quick and convenient! 

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